College-Bound Teen Killed Following Craigslist Deal

A Florida teen’s family is in mourning after they received news of their kin’s death. According to The Root, 19-year-old Brian Brown was gunned down after he met with an unidentified person who sought to purchase his video games from a Craigslist ad.

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The revered student-athlete garnered a scholarship to California’s Merced College, where he was set to call his new home on July 1, USA Today High School Sports reports. In hopes of selling a PlayStation and other games, Brown met with the unknown suspect, who then shot him three times in his back. Brown’s girlfriend, who traveled with him to meet the buyer, rushed him to a nearby hospital. He was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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“Happy, always smiling, a friend to everyone,” Craig’s father said to “Everyone who knew him—I can say at least 200 to 300 people have come here to hug me and told me what a great kid he was, and how much love he just had for everyone. [He] wouldn’t hurt a fly, wouldn’t hurt anyone. [He] loved animals. He had this dog, you’d think this dog was one of his kids, man.”

The college’s head football coach, Bob Casey, spoke highly of the slain teen. “Mr. Brown had a bright future as a student-athlete, and we were very excited for him to be a part of our program,” he said. “His passing has left us all stunned and we can do nothing, but pray for his family.”

An investigation is still underway.

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