Florida Teens Accused Of Stealing A Man’s Life Savings Reportedly Spent It On Gold Teeth


Six Florida teens are accused of breaking into a man’s home and stealing his life savings only to blow it on cars and gold teeth. According to the Associated Press, the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s office said the group of burglars ages 14-16 were arrested Monday (June 26) following a two month investigation. They’re now in police custody.

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Homeowner Brett Browning called authorities to report a burglary on April 27. Upon returning home, Browning found his garage door open and his 2014 Porsche Cayman, valued at $50,000 missing. When he went inside his home, he realized his safe which held $200,000 in cash along with guns and jewelry were also gone.

One teen told authorities they knocked on doors in the wealthy North Hutchinson neighborhood and when no one answered at Browning’s home, they entered.

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The group of burglars face several charges including grand theft.