Freddie Gibbs Relives His Darkest Times In “Andrea” (Video)


Freddie Gibbs has overcome many overwhelming obstacles this year, enough to break the average man. The Gary, Indiana native hasn’t been the same since facing and beating serious charges in Austria last year — and it shows in both his interviews and his music.

After releasing his long-awaited album, You Only Live 2wice, he gives us the compelling visuals for his new single, “Andrea.”

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The Eric Nelson-directed visuals feature Gibbs riding down a winding road as we see flashes of a woman — who seems to be the Andrea character. As he rides down the road which becomes engulfed in flames, Gangsta Gibbs awakes inside a prison cell distraught and confused about his situation.

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Many of the video’s images seem to be allusions of the struggles he has gone through while being locked up in Austria. He even carries the scars in his bars as he spits “Some ni**as take the trip I took, but they don’t get to leave/Came out that bi**h, I’m speakin’ Russian, German, Guapanese/Can’t let these ni**as stunt my growth from livin’ for my seed.”

Gibbs’ new album, You Only Live 2wice is available on iTunes and all streaming services now.