Who’d-A-Thunk: French Montana Is Somewhat Of A Bowling Prodigy


On Thursday’s (June 15) episode of Viceland’s Desus & Mero, Bad Boy MC French Montana discussed one of his hidden talents- bowling.

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“That day was a phenomenal day, bro, because I never played bowling, I swear to God, I never bowled,” he explains around the seven-minute mark. He was called into the Celebrity Bowling Tournament that played before the Super Bowl in 2015, and while he wasn’t prepared to play, he did his best and ended up winning.

“I walked in, I’m thinking it was just a little party, and they’re like ‘suit up,’ and I’m like, ‘for what?’ I threw the joint on, LJ [LeBron James] has his bag…he’s over there, crackin’ em’, boom. I was sitting there like, ‘I f**ked up.'”

However, there was a method to the rapper’s technique.

“I was like ‘keep your elbow in here, and just shoot straight, hit that third line.'” He didn’t participate in 2016’s tournament because he wanted to “retire undefeated.”

The “Unforgettable” musician also talked about the Islamic celebration of Ramadan with the hosts. Before a brief discussion about some of The Bronx’s best foods, French said that he’s looking forward to eating as much as he can, and then going right to sleep when Ramadan is finished.

French recently did charity work in Uganda, and ended up getting involved in building a hospital. He went to the country to shoot the video for “Unforgettable,” and he was inspired to do more to help out the country’s people.

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“We’re almost done with this hospital,” he said. “They had two rooms, now, by the time I’m done, they’re gonna have 50. I guess that’s the power of art and music, you never know where it’ll take you.”