This Is How Much Gal Gadot Received For ‘Wonder Woman’ Lead Role

The saddening topic of the gender pay gap continues to reach a new low. According to TMZ, actress Gal Gadot, whose stardom exponentially increased following her star role as Wonder Woman, reportedly received only $300,000 for not just that role, but that sum is a result of the two superhero films she’s completed: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the forthcoming Justice League.

The site adds that the thrilling Wonder Woman movie has raked in over $570 million globally since its debut nearly a month ago. But given the commercial success of the reel, Gadot might receive an increase in dividends in the near future.

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On the topic of the gender pay gap, several reports compared Gadot’s salary to that of her Superman counterpart, Henry Cavill, who played the “Man of Steel” in a movie of the same name. Cavill has since received $14 million in earnings since he’s appeared in several DC Universe films.

“Entry level actors in franchise films are paid an initial rate,” a source told Vanity Fair. “As a franchise takes off, they stand to make more money.”