Ibeyi Returns From “Away Away” With An Ethereal Offering


On Wednesday (June 7), it was predicted our favorite twins, Ibeyi, would release new music by the end of the week. We were right. We were tossed some clues, of course, when the Yoruba practitioners hinted at something special with a cryptic Instagram note.

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And now, just in time for the weekend, Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi gift eager fans an ethereal offering from the subterranean world of Ibeyi we’ve grown to know and love. “Time is running, though I’m young/ through my window, I see the day falling/ will the promise be held/ for at dawn I see the unfolding,” they muse hauntingly against a pulsing wave of drums.

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With their brand new track, comes a fresh piece of cinematography to boot, directed by Christian Beuchet. Inside of a nondescript studio, the two are seen partaking in a joyous occasion of frolicking and freestyle dancing, while fiddling with keyboard fixtures.  In the end, the duo move their party to the streets, where a sense of truth and freedom visibly meet at the crux.

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