Dreamville’s J.I.D Rips A Live Performance Of “Lauder”


Not only is Dreamville’s J.I.D lyrical, but his stories about lacking direction, overcoming self-doubt and hardships strike a chord with fans deep in their hearts. His urgency to channel every bit of artistic energy in his body into something positive is a universal story.

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Because of the former, J.I.D has grabbed audiences within a relatively short amount of time. With his project, The Never Story, circulating like a rabid disease people are taking notice.

The Atlanta native checked in with Vevo’s Dscvr for a live performance of “Lauder” — one of the many standout tracks on TNS.

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Armed with only a microphone — in what looks to be an empty warehouse — the hungry rapper reminds the world that Southern wordsmiths can spit with the best of them.

“Same ni**as, same goals, same dreams and epiphanies/Me and my ni**as are same lines as symmetry/Wasn’t empathy/Remember we would front yard brawl with big Timothy/Kicked them doors because we had a lot of energy/My brother was locked up for shooting at the enemy/Caught one ni**a then caught fifteen/I ain’t meet that ni**a ’til I was fifteen,” raps J.I.D.

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