John Singleton Claims ‘All Eyez On Me’ Was Supposed To Address Those Involved In 2Pac’s Death


We almost discovered who was involved in Tupac’s death, according to the sidelined All Eyez On Me director, John Singleton. On Tuesday’s (June 20) episode of N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs, the director claimed, “There’s a whole lot of things that they would not have in the movie that actually happened.”

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This was a direct response to the podcast hosts inquiring about the allegations L.T. Hutton made in regards to the multiple sex scenes he alleges Singleton wanted to include. One of the scenes would’ve been a prison rape scene.

Continuing to unravel the messy relationship of the film’s former and prevailing crew, Singleton proceeded, saying, “There’s stuff [about] who actually was involved in his death and the lead up to his death.”

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Many concluded that Death Row’s head of security, Suge Knight was the culprit in the murder of the “Hail Mary” artist, a theory delivered by the hands of former LAPD, Russell Poole. In April, Knight admitted he knew who the real killers were. Knight named his ex-wife, Sharitha, and former Death Row security, Reggie White Jr., in a statement written by his attorney.

Singleton also admits that the All Eyez On Me crew stole the rights of the movie from Afeni Shakur, who passed away due to a heart attack in May 2016. Along with the truth of Tupac’s death, we’ll probably never fully know the veracity of the claims coming from both ends of the conflicting production teams.

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