Katy Perry Sits Down With Deray To Discuss Cultural Appropriation

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Katy Perry has made more than a few head-scratching moves that she’s ready to address. Deray McKesson, Black Lives Matter activist and host of Pod Save the People  sat down with the pop star for an open-ended discussion that touched on cultural appropriation, white privilege, and more.

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For her part, Perry noted that cultural appropriation isn’t her intent, and acknowledged that there’s a lot about other cultures that she “won’t ever understand” because of her skin color.

“But I can educate myself and that’s what I’m trying to do along the way,” Perry added.

Luckily, Perry also has an “empowered angel” in her corner who doesn’t mind calling her out and educating her at the same time — but in a gentle manner and with compassion and love, so that her ego doesn’t get offended.


Ironically enough, McKesson’s interview with Perry didn’t get the best reviews. In fact, Twitter basically hated the fact that Perry chose to speak with him instead of a black woman.

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McKesson explained why he interviewed Perry in a series of tweets posted Sunday (June 11). He also pointed out that the clip circulating online was a small portion of their discussion.


Even with his explanation, it doesn’t seem like Perry’s interview did anything to help the backlash. Check below for more Twitter reactions.