Kemba’s “Ceasar’s Rise” Video Is A Chilling Story About Frenemies

Trustworthy people are hard to find in this day and age, but it’s even worse when your closest friends turn on you. Bronx rapper Kemba shares his own story about a trio of friends who get caught up in shameful deceit, mischievous greed, and petty jealousy in “Caesar’s — Rise” off his Negus album last year.

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Recently, Kemba revisited track #2 off the album and brought it life in the official video. The intense visual, which was directed by Jonathan Salmon, opens with a dramatic scene before it describes the lives of three childhood friends who seem close enough to be family. When one of them steals a gold chain from a stranger, another member of the crew gets visually jealous and angry as he wears the chain proudly outside his white hoodie. Later on, the so-called friend gets so angry that he runs up on him with a gun, kills him, and splits up the group for life.