Kendall & Kylie Remove $125 Tupac, Biggie “Vintage T-Shirts” With Their Faces On It


Culture vultures, culture criminals, appropriators—the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been called every name in the book. From Kendall’s most recent stint with the offensive Pepsi-saves-the-day “protest” commercial that has since been removed from television advertising rotation, to Kylie’s existence, the Jenner sisters have seemed to be taking the majority of the flack as of recent.

On Wednesday (June 29), the duo posted a new roll out of “Vintage T-Shirts” on their website that was host to a hoop-toting Kendall Jenner and an Instagram photo of younger sister Kylie, plastered on top of the logos and faces of distinguished bands and rappers.

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Yes, rappers. And if this could possibly get any worse, the rappers of choice were Tupac and Biggie. The bands consisted of Pink Floyd and Metallica.

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Disgracing the legacy of both departed lyricists, as well as the decorated collectives, didn’t settle easy with anyone on the Internet.

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Thankfully, the ‘Kendall + Kylie’ online retail site has since removed the overwhelmingly disgraceful and nonsensical t-shirts with Biggie and Tupac, but the Metallica and Pink Floyd shirts are still available for purchase.

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Besides the lack of creative zeal the girls failed to portray and blatant disregard for the legacy of any of the esteemed artists and bands, the overall concept is essentially vacuous, lazy and overpriced with a $125 price tag.

What exactly is the correlation between their family and music, again? We’ll wait.