KYLE Has “Nothing 2 Lose” And Not A F*ck To Give (Video)


Supa Dupa KYLE has haters, but the boy has bigger fish to fry — and money to make. Since breaking through on the pop charts with “iSpy,” the Bay Area rapper has his mind set on following up the Billboard smash with more heat.

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As an indicator of his optimistic view on the music industry — and the naysayers from his past — Kyle debuts his West Coast influenced “Nothing 2 Lose” video.

“Everybody lives off dreams, that’s how we get through life. That’s how we get through everything, the possibility that tomorrow is going to be better or down the road you’re going to have more or in a couple years you’re going to be a star,” Kyle told Billboard earlier this year.

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“So I guess what I’m trying to say is, there are a lot of reasons to be mad, there are a lot of reasons we should be upset, [but] even more than just being angry I think we have to keep people’s spirits up because the moment you stop doing that is when you can just go to a really dark place. I’ve been there myself,” Kyle continued. “The whole optimistic thing is not because I think everything is so f—ing perfect. It’s because I’ve been to some very dark places, and I know that you control the way you react to things. It’s important to reassure people that everything is going to be all right. Right now, sh*t is not all right, but I don’t want to know what our country would be like if we all gave up hope.”