Hard Times: Latina Media Accused Of Robbing Staff Of Monthly Paycheck


It seems as though Latina Media, the 21-year-old publication dedicated to providing a voice and space for Latina women, has reached a dry spell in terms of cash flow in the past year. The company is currently facing accusations of not paying its staff for nearly a month, The New York Post reports.

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The alleged issue was brought to staff attention around June 14, after the company told its team that it was not going to be able to make its scheduled payroll the following day due to a “miscommunication” between Latina and its parent company. “We are writing to let you know that you will receive a payroll deposit on Friday,” Robyn Moreno, head of editorial said in a statement to the staff. “We get how unsettling this has been for all of our employees and we are grateful and inspired by how you are hanging tough.” The announcement did not clarify when employees would receive their checks however.

Salaries aren’t the only things that have been affected in the past month. Latina has reportedly been delayed in mailing its last two issues to subscribers, according to the NY Post. The company reportedly mailed its March/April issue to subscribers last week, while the May/June has yet to go out. Additionally, the company’s president, Brett Wright resigned in the middle of June 2017, causing a gap in leadership. Moreno and Asten Morgan, head of integrated marketing, have since stepped up as co-presidents.

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Latina Media isn’t the only media company alleged of not paying its staff. The latest allegations follow claims that Ebony has not paid several freelance writers for work dating back to as late as 2013, The Chicago Tribune reports. The accusations quickly spiraled into the viral hashtag, “#EbonyOwes.” Hopefully Latina Media, on the other hand, can resolve the issue sooner rather than later.

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