Audio Of LeBron James And Kevin Durant’s Alleged Rap Track Has Surfaced


They may be opponents on the hardwood, but in the studio, LeBron James and Kevin Durant appear to be a dynamic duo. On Monday afternoon (June 5), ESPN published an article that uncovered a 2011 rap track the Gold medalists reportedly recorded when the NBA experienced its fourth lockout.

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Although the track is untitled, the sports site claims Durant created the instrumental. Now, you can hear a snippet of the alleged collaboration thanks to Twitter user @SpiderStudiosOH.

Durant would’ve made his lyrical debut if he signed off on the song’s usage in his 2012 film, Thunderstruck. According to the movie’s executive producer, Eric Goodwin, he was one of the select few who got the chance to hear the track. “It was very good,” he said. “I suggested submitting it to Warner Brothers for the movie soundtrack, but KD wanted to keep it private.”

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors head into Game 3 of the Finals on Wednesday (June 7). The latter leads the series 2-0.