‘Reading Rainbow’ Host Goes On A Twitter Rant About Getting Bumped From First Class

From the looks of it, it seems LeVar Burton was basically handed the modern-day “to the back of the bus” treatment in his experience with American Airlines on Sunday evening (June 11).

The former Reading Rainbow host went on a storm of tweets expressing his contempt with the airline.

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The first incident involved American Airlines forcing the Star Trek: The Next Generation actor to move down to business class after he purchased two first class tickets. Apparently, the 60-year-old thespian wasn’t here for the disrespect he was being served.

Then, the Roots actor-producer detailed an exchange between himself and one of the flight attendants on board Flight #2225. Burton requested a blanket to warm him up on his trip from Chicago O’Hare to Los Angeles. Instead of fulfilling his customary inquiry, the flight attendant responded, “Put on a sweater, honey.” Clearly, the Ali co-star didn’t seem to care to find any humor in the flight attendant’s comments, if there was any.

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The airline company caught wind of the actor’s mentions and told him to “meet us in [the] DMs” so they could resolve yesterday’s controversy. Wonder if the producer was in the mood for a resolution.

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