Lil Yachty Trying To Rank Drake’s Albums Is A Lot More Complicated Than You’d Think

In a recent interview Lil Yachty expressed his deep-rooted fandom for Drake. Although he can’t remember where they first met or under what circumstances, it was the 6-God’s shout-out to the 19-year-old on Gucci Mane’s “Both” that elevated his fandom of the More Life artist, to truly respecting him as an artist.

“That n***a Drake is f**king dope, bro,” Yachty says. “I ain’t tryna be sus or nothing, but I really respect Drake. I f**k with Drake. One hundred percent. That n***a’s talented, bro.”

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When asked to rank Drizzy’s albums, Lil Boat says Take Care will always come out on top. However, ranking the remaining projects in the “Fake Love” singer’s discography proved to be a torturous venture

He finally settles on the following list: Take Care, Views, Thank Me Later, What A Time To Be Alive, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Views and So Far Gone. The Teenage Emotions spitter doesn’t realize that he’s listed Views twice and completely forgets to throw More Life and Nothing Was The Same in the mix.

Watch the hilariously laborious process above.

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