Lionel Richie’s Bassist Stabs Himself After Taking Edibles

Ethan Farmer, Lionel Richie’s longtime bassist, is currently recovering in the hospital after reportedly stabbing himself multiple times during an edible cannabis trip.

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TMZ was the first to report about the ordeal on Sunday (June 4), which actually took place on Tuesday evening (May 30.) Paramedics were called to Farmer’s San Fernando Valley home in California and found the 42-year-old covered in blood. Farmer was with friends when he digested edibles that contained pot. During his trip, Farmer reportedly began stabbing himself.

As of Friday (June 2), reports claim Farmer is still recovering in the hospital. In addition to Richie, Farmer has worked with Destiny’s Child, Aretha Franklin and Janet Jackson.

Since the methods of extraction with edible and smoking marijuana are vastly different, the same goes for the high. While edibles are known to cause paranoia in some users, violent outbursts are few and far in between. In August 2015, it was reported a 19-year-old college student took his own life after digesting five times the normal dose of an edible (10 mg). The Inquirer Daily News reports non-standardized doses can lead to a potential “marijuana overdose.” Mixing alcohol with edibles can also increase THC blood concentration.

It isn’t known if Farmer took a high amount or if it was his first time eating edibles.

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