British Prime Minister After London Bridge Attacks: “Enough Is Enough!”

Just weeks after a Manchester bombing during an Ariana Grande concert, the people of the UK have been rocked once again with another terror attack.

Seven people died and 48 have been injured after a van rammed into pedestrians on the London Bridge Saturday (June 3) and three masked man jumped out and went on a stabbing spree inside local restaurants and bars.

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Police said three men wearing fake suicide belts to incite more panic were shot dead eight minutes after receiving the first emergency call 10PM local time. As of today (June 4) 12 people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the attacks were “brutal” and vowed to stop extremism.”We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are,” she said. “Enough is enough.”

According to CNN, a few of the surviving victims have life threatening injuries, and a large area on the south end of London bridge is closed off as investigators scrounge for clues. May said the attacks at Manchester and London Bridge weren’t connected, but were bound together but the “single evil ideology of Islamist extremism.”

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Despite the horror, authorities say it lasted about eight minutes with eyewitnesses recalling the three men using “foot-long” knives as they barreled through coffee shops and restaurants. Some customers hid behind tables while other customers fought them off with chairs, throwing glasses and whatever they could get their hands on.

The London Ambulance Service sent at least 80 medics to helps victims, and while 48 people were dispersed to at least five hospitals in the area, many were treated on the scene.