New York City’s Lou The Human Goes Bananas On “Slim Buddha”

Brooklyn-born, Staten Island-bred, Lou the Human is starting to make a name for himself in the Rotten Apple. The rookie rapper recently released the visuals for his street singles, “Brink” and “Macklemore.” And more recently, the 21-year-old MC decided to fall through with a new record titled, “Slim Buddha.”

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Over a backdrop made up of highs, 808s and gun shots, Lou goes in with twisted, yet neck-shaking sixteens.

“I f**k with hypochondriac and bipolar dawgs/Don’t know how to act/Run up in your crib/I’m in your mommy back/I kick you up out that bit*ch and make you buy it back/I’m on a diet, fact/I only eat rappers/You trash, dawg/I never knew wack/Trying to step to me is like dancing with the Devil with your feet backward,” raps Lou.

In a interview with Pigeons & Planes, Lou the Human discussed his beginnings with MCing. “I started rapping in 5th or 6th grade. Everyone around me was doing it and everyone in school was doing it. So I was battle rapping and freestyling and all that. Somewhere in 7th or 8th grade, it got boring. So I started making beats. I couldn’t find anyone to produce my stuff, so I started making beats and I left rap alone for awhile,” Lou said.

If you are into Eminem-like warped raps, you probably should pay attention to Lou. His raw style is promising and will likely captivate listeners worldwide.

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