Premiere: Compton Veteran MC Eiht Unleashes “Compton Zoo”


Compton has seen more than its fair share of rappers come and go. From the early 80s, California’s infamous section has produced street respected and internationally known rappers that carry all styles and subject matter. One man in particular, MC Eiht, helped shape West Coast gangsta rap as the world knows it before many today’s rap stars were even born.

While the younger generation may know him from his unforgettable role in the culture shifting film Menace To Society, official hip-hop heads know the skilled lyricist is also an expert storyteller and a true poet of Compton’s back blocks. Eiht has more than 20 years of albums, EPs, cameos and mixtapes under his belt that keep heads knockin’, but his upcoming project is one rap will never forget about.

MC Eiht is set to release his first solo-album in a decade, Which Way Iz West, which is slated for a June 30 release date. As a special surprise DJ Premier serves as executive producer the project and also cooked up 4 tracks for the LP. The West Coast veteran also worked with his long time producer, Brenk Sinatra, for the rest of the album. Eiht’s Blue Stamp label and Preemo’s Year Round Records imprint have joined forces to release the forthcoming opus.

Which Way Iz West also boasts guest appearances from WC, B-Real, Xzibit, Kurupt, Lady Of Rage, MayLAy, Big Mike, The Outlawz, Bumpy Knuckles and Compton’s Most Wanted. Following “Represent Like This” with WC and DJ Premier, Eiht debuts “Compton Zoo,” on VIBE today — which expresses the O.G.’s struggles in and out of music and his view on the current state of rap.

“Just like Preemo digs deep into them crates for the scratch chorus, I can still express myself and dig deep as well,” says Eiht about the song.

“Eiht kept sending me new songs to pick from as we were completing the album. “Compton Zoo” was one of the last new tracks he sent me and I immediately told him that this needed to be a single. I told Eiht, I’m going to put a scratch somehow in the hook so I can be a part of this,” say DJ Premier.

Tracklisting & Credits For MC Eiht’s Which Way Iz West:
1.) “Shut ‘Em Down” f/ The Outlawz
2.) “Represent Like This” f/ WC & DJ Premier
3.) “Compton Zoo”
4.) “Heart Cold” f/ Lady Of Rage
5.) “Pass Me By” f/ B-Real
6.) “Runn The Blocc” f/ MayLAy (produced by DJ Premier)
7.) “Gangsta Gangsta” f/ Kurupt
8.) “Got That”
9.) “Medicate” f/ Xzibit
10.) “Born To Hustle” f/ Big Mike
11.) “Sittin’ Around Smokin’”
12.) “As I Proceed”
13.) “Last Ones Left” (f/ Compton’s Most Wanted & DJ Premier (produced by DJ Premier)
14.” “4 Tha OG’z” f/ Bumpy Knuckles (Produced by DJ Premier)
15.) “You Nia’z”