Rapper Memphis Ash Accuses Lil Yachty Of Stealing "Peek A Boo"

Memphis Ash says Lil Yachty jacked his song. 

Mo Money, Mo Problems!

King of the youth, Lil Yachty, has been feeling a lot of that as of late. Recently, Memphis rapper, Memphis Ash dropped a local track titled, "Pikachu," which contains "peekaboo" on the song's hook. Well, Ash as well as his lawyer, Ben McLane feel as if it's no coincidence that Yachty's "Peek A Boo" tracks sounds similar to the Memphis hit.

According to TMZ, Ash's lawyer has filed a cease and desist letter, which states that they gave Yachty and Quality Control ten days to begin paying Ash royalties. McLane also filed a copyright infringement claim last week, according to TMZ.

“The infringement occurs at several places within the Infringing Work – directly lifting both the Original Work’s verse and hook (masked by a lyric and tempo change) – without permission,” the document says.

Quality Control's CEO Coach K tells TMZ: "Peek A Boo" is a different song than Ash's track. The only a similarity in the two songs are the words "peekaboo."

The ATL rapper released his much anticipated, Teenage Emotions album last week (May 26).

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