Method Man, Dave East And Max B Team Up With Joe Young And Hanz In “Eviction” (Video)

Joe Young, Hanz On, Method Man, Dave East and Max B are New York City to the core, and after watching the new visuals for the gruff track, “Eviction,” it should be clear that these dues bleed Rotten Apples as well.

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With shooter, Puma behind the lens, NYC’s rap purists lay down their verses inside of an abandoned elevator, in front of graffiti-filled walls, and project hallways. “Moving like they just evicted me/Pulled up in that foreign, got these niggas sick of me/Feds in the projects, I heard they were taking pics of me/Nas co-signed it, no Versace, rockin’ HSTRY,” raps Dave East on the song

Method Man comes through with more venom with lines like: “Moving like they just evicted me/Crossin’ state lines and got this canine sniffin’ me/I think they heard if through the grapevine, snitch-ery.”

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Rumors have surfaced that Max B, who was serving a 75 year prison sentence for murder and robbery conspiracy charges, will be released from prison sometime this year.

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