Nelly Vows To Boycott Instagram Until He Learns Who’s Leaking Al Sharpton Photos


For the past few days activist and civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton has been–as the kids say–flexin’ for the ‘gram. Photos of the 62-year-old outside of his usual suit and tie have popped up all over social media, and if the good reverend wasn’t showing off his athletic gear, he threw in a push-up or two for good measure.

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Today (June 21) ironically is National Selfie Day, something it seems Sharpton has been preparing for, for some time and Nelly like the rest of us is perplexed at the sudden boost in social media presence from Uncle Al. He’s so bewildered that the St. Louis native hopped on Twitter Tuesday taking a page out of Sharpton’s book and suggested a boycott until someone can get to the bottom of this.

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Taking it one step further, Nelly threw Academy Award nominee Cicely Tyson into the mix as Sharpton’s possible motive for wanting to show off.

Now Nelly knows he’s wrong for bringing Mother Cicely into all this Al Sharpton hoopla. But seriously, what gives Uncle Al?