Nelly Explains How Busta Rhymes Unexpectedly Influenced “Hot In Herre”


Saint Louis hero Nelly has plenty to share about his studio session for the making of Nellyville. With the album and its biggest single “Hot In Herre” turing 15 this month, the rapper shared with Fader how the song came together and how Busta Rhymes gave him the inspiration he needed to make the track pop.

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The businessman says Nellyville was already turned in, sans “Hot In Herre,” but felt like something was needed. With the help of Pharrell and a Chuck Brown sample, the beat for “Hot In Herre” was created. Nelly just created a hook, but the instrumentals fell on the ears of Busta Rhymes, who was in a studio nearby.

“‘Oh my God, what is this beat? This is the most courageous beat, it’s infectious,'” Nelly says in his best Busta impression. “‘Oh Nelly, you laid something to this already?! Oh sh*t. You’re gonna have every b***h in the world taking her clothes off.'”

“We kinda knew we had something right there,” Nelly said. After Busta helped certify his confidence in the track, Pharrell told him he needed to make the opening line one to remember. “‘That first line just has to be something that everyone wants to say,'” Pharrell shared with Nelly after moving around in true Skateboard P fashion. “That’s it, I don’t care where you go from here.'”

We know those words as, “I was like, good gracious – a** is bodacious/ Flirtatious, tryin to show patience.”

The song was then added as Track 3 on the album that also featured the middle school bangers like “Pimp Juice,” Air Force Ones,” “#1″ and of course, “Dilemma” featuring Kelly Rowland. Looking back, Nelly believes that the song did so well because of the song’s point of view. “It’s a story of a party record and I feel like people can relate to,” he said. “[From] the process of walking in the club, [to] seeing the the chick, showing her the keys….it’s a whole story as opposed to ‘Everybody throw your hands up.’ No one has told the story of a party vibe and that allows it to be genuine.”

Enjoy the interview above and the Friday flashback below.

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