Twitter Grows Frustrated With Jay Z After Suspecting An Album Drop

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Earlier today (June 6), a number of billboards with the number or time “4:44″ were spotted around New York City. After careful evaluation, one fan on Twitter made the observation that the advertisements appeared to be connected to Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal. Shortly after, artists who have been known to associate with Hov like Memphis Bleek and Swizz Beatz, also joined in on the mystery, posting the same number on social media.

Putting two and two together, the Internet obviously reacted in an understandable manner, suggesting the number was gearing up for an album or tour announcement. But unfortunately, 4:44 came and went, and the only thing that fans got from Roc Nation was silence.

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To say the least, fans weren’t happy about Jigga’s games, and immediately shared their frustrations on Twitter. “My heart hurts i was ready for that album now I’m stuck,” one fan tweeted shortly after the time passed. “Beyoncé, Jay Z and the team watching us having a break down on Twitter,” another person chimed in.


While there has never been confirmation from Jay or his team about an album or tour, many have tried to make connections in the use of the “4” in all of the advertisements. As countless of outlets and blogs have mentioned, both Jay Z and Beyonce seem to have an affinity for the single digit number. For example, Jay’s birthday is on Dec. 4, and he and his wife also have matching “IV” tattoos, representing the day they got married on April 4.

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More importantly however, some seem to think the four signals the release of the Blueprint 4, which has been rumored to have been in the works nearly five years ago. What initially peaked fans’ interest in a potential Jay Z album was the string of festivals he will be headlining this year. So far, the Brooklyn rapper has already signed on to headline the Meadows Music Festival and Made In America. Sure, fans would love to hear Jay run through his old hits, but it’s hard to think new music wouldn’t be coming to celebrate the occasion.

Fans may be frustrated, but they haven’t lost hope. Many believe Tidal could update them with an announcement at 4:44 AM or in the coming days. We’ll just have to keep our eyes on the clock.

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