No Malice Exposes “Fake News” In New Video

No Malice has a bone to pick with all the “Fake News” perpetrators. The Hear Ye Him rapper dropped the video for the single ahead of his upcoming Let The Dead Bury The Dead album release.

LISTEN: No Malice Spreads The Truth In A World Filled With “Fake News”

Pusha T’s older brother provides visuals that showcase his old stomping grounds in Virginia. The gritty visuals aims at the haters who dare say he lost his fire when it comes to the rhymes.

Nearly halfway through the video, the rapper decked in a “True Trapper” t-shirt, addresses a lot of the things that have been on his mind lately. While he admits he’s aware of hip hop’s commentators picking apart his sanctified lifestyle, he quickly checks anyone who thinks the old him is dead and gone.

“What happened to the other brother?/Heard he in the church now/He thinks he better than us all, he don’t even curse now/I ain’t in bible class tucking my shirt now/I’m running back in that fire like towers had burnt down.”

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No Malice also touches on strained relationships between the black community and law enforcement, snitches, and rappers who continue to claim the trapping lifestyle. The artist, formerly known as Malice, sees all of the aforementioned as a joke propelled on the big screen. Luckily, he likes to laugh a lot.