Nyck Caution And Kirk Knight Are “Off The Wall” When It Comes To Rap


Brooklyn hip-hop heads, Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight, a.k.a Nyck @ Knight, are working on a collaborative project, Nyck @ Knight, that aims to please all the fans who have been begging for this effort. This week, the dynamic duo delivered the project’s first single titled, “Off the Wall.”

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Over Kirk’s slick boom-bap production, the Pro Era members undeniable chemistry connects as they kick rhymes about staying down until the come-up.

“Everything I spit direct so y’all really feel it/Finally got up off the wall, it’s time to really kill it/Always keep your shit in check, you never know the time/That you finally pay the debt, that you owe your life/So until my last breath, I’ll be on my shit/Do my best to make these dreams finally exist,” raps Caution.

Knight swoops through for the last verse as he raps: “Off the wall, off the shizz/Paranoia ain’t my only problem kid/Sell it to a mother in her stomach is a kid learning/That where I’m from that’s just some regular shit/So, ’til then it’s get it how you live/God forbid can’t bring home the bacon ’cause I die from one of these pigs.”

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Fellow Pro Era MC Joey Bad$$ released his All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$ album back in April. Both Knight and Caution released Late Night Special and Disguise the Limit, respectively — back in 2016.