Ohio Man Charged With Murder After Mistress Dies From AIDS

Ronald Murdock of Toledo, Ohio, has been charged with the murder of his mistress, after his failure to disclose his HIV status led to her contracting the disease and her subsequent death.

Murdock and Kimberly Klempner were reportedly involved in a sexual, extramarital affair for five years and never made Klempner aware that he is HIV positive. This is in direct violation of an Ohio law that requires those who carry the AIDS virus to disclose that fact to their prospective sexual partners. Klempner passed away in February due to complications of the virus, which she contracted from Murdock. The 51-year-old married man was indicted last week on charges of murder and felonious assault, and his arraignment will take place June 13.

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Klempner’s son fully supports the prosecutions pursuance of Murdock.

“It would be different if he had let people know that he had it (HIV) before he got in that relationship, but he didn’t,” Klempner says. “So that right there tells me and everybody else that he has no care.”