“Disgruntled” Ex-Employee Shoots And Kills Five People In Orlando


Unfortunately, a new day brings another fatal shooting incident to report on. While folks across the pond are reeling from back to back terror attacks in Manchester and London, folks on Floridian soil are mourning the loss of several innocent people.

On Monday morning (June 5), authorities report that a “disgruntled” ex-employee opened fire at Fiamma, a business that makes awnings for RVs and campers northeast of Orlando, killing at least five people before taking his own life. There were seven survivors in the incident. According to Orange County Sheriff Jerry L. Demings, the shooter, who was also armed with a knife, was reportedly fired from the facility in April of this year.

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This is not the first incident with Fiamma and the suspect. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Sheriff’s office responded to a complaint approximately three years ago, when he battered an employee, but there were no charges at that time.

At this time, the likelihood of the incident being tied to terrorism is minimal. “We have no indication that this subject is a participant in any type of terror organization,” Demings said during the news conference. “What this is at this point is likely a workplace violence incident.”

Watch the press conference here.