Quotable Moments From Part One Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Two-Night Event


Week five of our melanin-fueled journey through Bachelor Nation features a two-night event, which means Monday (June 26) and Tuesday night (June 27) will each carry a two-hour, drama-packed episode. Out of respect for such a stressful, yet exciting addition to your week, we’ve decided to keep the recap of Monday night’s episode relatively brief. However, after the Kenny/Lee drama concludes on Tuesday night’s episode, all bets are off.

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Last night’s episode was the end of the road for “Gossip Queen” Iggy, “Tickle Monster” Jonathan and Jack Stone, the only contestant who has ever been allowed two names for an unexplained reason. Our lovebird Rachel Lindsay and her flock of fellas have now traveled from Hilton Head Island, North Carolina, to Oslo, Norway, and the chilling tension between Lee and Kenny has not been lessened by jet lag.

Here’s a short list of stand-out quotes made The Bachelorette and her suitors.


“Lee, you’re a b***h.”

This line was whispered by Kenny to Lee in a hilarious attempt to not be perceived as “aggressive.”

“When you call him aggressive, there is a longstanding history in this country of regarding black men in America as aggressive to justify a lot of other things.”

Will tried to explain to Lee why calling Kenny “aggressive” hits a nerve.

“So he’s the guy that gets mad and plays the race card and tries to get away with everything he does.”

Lee simultaneously misses Will’s point and proves it.

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“I’m not an aggressive person. I don’t like conflict at all.”

This might have been hard to hear because he was talking out of his rear end, but these alternative facts came from Lee.

“Maybe dating brothers might not be her thing right now.”

I’m starting to think it’s impossible to get through an episode without Eric accusing Rachel of something ridiculous so that he doesn’t have to confront his own insecurities. He made this comment while venting to Anthony that he find it suspicious that only one black man has been invited on a one-on-one date so far. Translation: Eric is salty HE hasn’t been invited on a one-on-one date yet. Anthony explains to Eric that he doesn’t believe her selections are racially motivated and suggests that he  focus on growing closer to her.

“He sounds very disingenuous and I feel like he’s more fascinated with the idea of me than actually getting to know me.”

While speaking privately with Josiah, Rachel becomes weary of his smooth lines and notices that their conversations lack depth. When she explains this to him that she’d like him to try to get to know her better, he continues to compliment her and doesn’t seem to get the message. Josiah needs to rethink his approach. Fast.

“I said that I was going to leave ‘Lawyer Rach’ at home, but I really need to get down to the bottom of what’s going on.”

The two-on-one date with Kenny, Lee and Rachel has begun, and each man is giving the Dallas attorney a different side of the story on their growing disdain for each other. There’s nothing more frustrating than watching Lee string together lies about Kenny just to get under to drive a wedge between him and Rachel. We’ll have to wait until tonight to see who she believes, but the teasers show blood on the horizon.