Radamiz Relays His Unified Message In “God Talks To Me A Lot” (Video)

Radamiz has a special message to pass down from the big man upstairs. When the Brooklyn native dropped off his Writeous EP back in 2016, he included a song titled “God Talks To Me A Lot” — which embraces unity and the fact that its “better to be righteous than right.” Now, Radamiz and fellow Brooklynite Madwiz join forces once again for the official video presented by London-born clothing brand Death to Tennis.

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Radamiz and Madwiz take it back to New York City in the ’90s with an updated twist as it periodically flashes back and forth from black-and-white to color. With a heightened focus on their fashion choices, both MCs roll through NYC with their stylish crew while they rock flags from their family’s country of origin (Dominican Republic and Haiti) to push unity amongst both nations.