Ro Ransom And Jazz Cartier Have A Unique Definition Of The “Prettiest”

Ro Ransom aligns himself with Toronto’s Jazz Cartier on his latest track, “Prettiest.” With Tim Suby on the boards, they bring the sounds of New York and Toronto together on this ghostly, but infectious groove.

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Having worked on recent records with Khalid, Ro is almost ready to debut his own solo project dubbed Momentum. Leading the way, the eclectic artist’s new jam helps fans get acquainted with the way he truly feels about his beauty.

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“I’ve known Jazz Cartier for years, we met as fans of each other,” says Ro. “I heard one beat Tim made and knew I had to work with him. It was important to me to set the record straight on who the prettiest rapper is. It’s not up for debate. I came in the game with 36 drop dead gorgeous women in my life, no record deal. Zendayas. The only other rappers that can say that were probably career pimps. I need everybody to feel as pretty as I feel when I hit that selfie button. You’re beautiful too.”