Scarface On ‘All Eyez On Me’: “I Love ‘Pac To Death, But Let That Man Rest”

The swirling conversations around the Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me still hasn’t let up. Despite getting some surprisingly successful box office numbers, every passing day leads to a new weigh-in on the matter. Hip-hop OG Scarface is the latest to speak his piece. The HoustonĀ rapper, who was a former friend of Tupac, was invited to perform then sit down with Knowledge Beckom at the Classic Hip-Hop Lives event in Chicago.

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As every hip-hop interviewer will do right about now, he asked Scarface how he felt about the controversial movie. According to him, the film left out key friendships and alliances that were essential to Tupac’s being. “If MC Breed not in that movie, then it ain’t no real ‘Pac movie. If the D.O.C. wasn’t mentioned in that movie, it’s not a real ‘Pac movie. If that shit wasn’t sanctioned by the people that grew up with ‘Pac … I don’t know, bro.”

Face also talked about the elephant in the room when it comes to such a grand movie production: who’s profiting the most from turning his story into date night material? “It ain’t feeding his momma, his momma gone,” he said. “It ain’t feeding his kids, he ain’t got none. Who getting the money?”

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All in all, Scarface just wants Hollywood and beyond to just let Tupac and his legacy rest in peace. “If a motherf**ker put an album out on me when I’m dead, don’t buy that sh*t. When a mothaf**ker tries to shoot a movie on me when I’m dead, don’tĀ go see that sh*t. Let me rest, man. I love ‘Pac to death man but let that man rest.”

Watch the whole thing up top.