Schoolboy Q Dreams Of A World Without Guns

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Schoolboy Q may be a member of Los Angeles’ infamous street gang, the Hoover Crips, but he seems to exercise a pacifist’s state of mind when it comes to his thoughts on gun violence. In a recent interview with Montreality on Monday (June 5), the TDE artist suggested that against the use of guns and offered a solution to ridding society of its evils.

When asked what he though was the root of violence in many tragic incidents today, Schoolboy Q promptly replied, “guns man.” “That gun law shit is real man, it will never stop,” he added. Although the rapper wouldn’t necessarily consider himself a political person, he said the gun control agenda, is one movement he could get with. “That’s probably the only thing I agree about the law and all that political shit that’s been going on. From officers, from everybody. It should be no guns,” he said.

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Schoolboy might be a pacifist, but optimism on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be his strong suit. He stated that he wouldn’t be holding his breath on gun law reform. “It’s too many guns out there now. So it’s impossible to take all the guns. So what I want is impossible to happen because it will never happen,” he continued. “But, if they could’ve never made guns, that would be a whole lot better. It would’ve been a whole lot better because now people just getting killed left and right. Like, you’ll have 400-500 people die in Chicago like every year. That’s not amazing. That’s f***ing insane.”

The South Central artist also seemed to point finger at the rap industry, which often salutes the “gangsta lifestyle. “N****s always wanna talk that gangsta, ain’t nothing gangsta about none of that s**t. Especially rappers. N****s always trying to act gangsta like, you n**a you ain’t a gangsta anymore n***a, you’re a rapper,” he added. “I’m not a gangsta no more, I’m a rapper.”

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Speaking of rapping, Schoolboy is reportedly focusing on his new studio album. The album, which he says is due sometime this year, will be a follow-up to his 2016 LP, Blank Face. As we wait for more details about his next project, check out Schoolboy’s comments on gun control in the video above.