Premiere: Selah The Corner And Bizzle Put “Cliché” Rappers In Check

Selah The Corner is carving out a lane for himself as a solid lyricist with words that offer fans food for thought. With the word of God as his main motivation, the slick tongued rapper is prepping his Memoirs Of A Perfect World project — slated for a June 23 release date.

Today (June 1), the God Over Money signee debuts brand new visuals for his hard knocking and authentic track, “Cliché,” featuring Bizzle. In the Rise N Shine-directed video, the soldiers of Christ perch on top of rooftops with tall downtown buildings overlooking as they rap about their fellow MCs who spit the same “murder, murder, kill, kill” content time and time again.

“All I hear is murder, murder, murder/But you never murdered nothing/Nothing never getting murdered/All I hear is burner, burner, burner/But your homie never got it/You ain’t never got the burner,” raps Selah.

In an era where pills, Lean and thugs on wax rule hip-hop, Selah brings a breath of fresh air with encouraging words about true manhood.