Serena Williams Refutes Sister Venus’ Alleged Baby Gender Reveal

On Wednesday afternoon (May 31), social media users expressed their joy when the gender of Serena Williams’ baby was seemingly revealed by her sister and fellow tennis champ, Venus Williams. However, the mommy-to-be put a halt on the celebration to clear the air on that baby girl statement.

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In a post that Serena published on Instagram, she shared that she’ll learn of the baby’s gender once she gives birth. “I think the surprise of knowing what you are going to have on that very special day you give birth is prob the best surprise you can ever have!” she typed. “So to clarify what Venus said, I am always joking with my sisters to see what favors I can get them to do for me next.”

The world-renowned G.O.A.T accidentally revealed that she’s expecting her first child on Snapchat back in April. Williams and her fiance, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, have since posted images of themselves to showcase their elation with all of this good news.

Fun day out and about with @audemarspiguet

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My only regret is not pointing my toe sorry coach Garry 🙈

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Perfect weekend. 📸 @valvogt

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We’ll just have to wait and see.

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