Zero Fatigue Releases Posse Track “Manegos” Following ‘Swanita’ Tour


Fresh off of the Swanita Tour, the Monte Booker-headed Zero Fatigue crew released posse track, “Manegos” on Friday (June 2).

On the first release since the Swanita tour, dedicated to an album that celebrates the black woman, releasing an all male track is a complete 180 for the Smino fans that have recently become familiar with the St. Louis-bred rapper. Jay2AintShit, Bari and Monte Booker all had opening sets for the blkswn artist on the tour.

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“Manegos,” which one could only assume is a self-donned moniker for the similarly spelled fruit that the crew refers to throughout the song, is a declaration of “making Missouri a market,” if you let Smino tell it.

Both Jay2 and Monte Booker have spots on the Midwest rapper’s album. Jay2 appears on “Blkoscars,” while Monte Booker makes notable producing contributions with the single “Anita” in addition to “Wild Irish Roses.” While Bari didn’t make the cut for blkswn, he did gift his fans with “Jetpakk” last year on his birthday.

Smino delivers his typically enjoyable, speedy wordplay as he begins his verse with, “pull up on ‘em like church pants.” While Jay2 matches and raises him, x4 as he spits, “Shawty kind of talk with a lisp-bane/Trippin’ cuz she cold with the lick game/I just give her tricks like I been Blane/And it’s my world like I been Wayne.” As Monte Booker lays the digitized boom-bap beat, Bari boasts about his girl, claiming “she tastes like mangoes.”

If your sonic pleasures tend to be less radio, and more progressive and free-formed, plug into Zero Fatigue’s latest track, “Manegos.”

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