Solange FaceTimes Young Fan After Adorable Twitter Post

Twitter may be a place where LOL’s and all-around silliness goes to roam. However, it’s also a place where dreams can come true.

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A little girl named Ghazi caught R&B superstar Solange’s eye and heart on Twitter a few days ago, after her father posted that she was pretending to FaceTime the singer.

“lol my daughter is officially obsessed with @SolangeKnowles, she’s pretending to FaceTime her here,” he wrote in the caption of a tweet accompanying a video of his toddler daughter looking into the camera and saying “hi…hi Miss Solange!”

As adorable as it sounds, it was equally as precious to watch. Solange messaged the girl’s father, and they were able to set up a real-life FaceTime sesh between the “Cranes In The Sky” musician and Ghazi.

Judging by the tweet Solange posted on Friday (Jun. 23), her FaceTime meeting with Ghazi was enjoyable.

“Ok so, Ghazi is everything,” she wrote. “She sang to me, we did some deep breathing, and she waved goodbye with her feet. My type of gal.” Even more perfect? Ghazi surprised the singer with a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” as she turned 31 on Sunday, Jun. 25.

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Leave it to Solange (and Twitter) to make a little girl’s dream come true.