Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It” Series Will Debut On Netflix This Thanksgiving

She’s Gotta Have It and apparently, so do we. Following the announcement, made nearly a full 365 days ago, Netflix will deliver the classic movie in episodic series-form due this Thanksgiving. BET debuted the announcement during their awards show on Sunday evening (June 25).

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This will mark the first time Spike Lee’s directing chops will separate from his staple documentaries and movie theater classics. What better way to enter the television arena than with his $7 million-dollar grossing silver screen debut as his stepping stone? But, the 60-year-old director can’t take all the credit for seeing this idea from the jump. According to the Crooklyn creator, his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee had the vision, while he made the magic happen.

“It was my wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, producer in her own right, who had the vision to take my film from the big screen and turn it into an episodic series,” the He Got Game writer and producer began. “It had not occurred to me at all. Tonya saw it plain as day. I didn’t.”

The film’s producer held an inclusive open call for “the new Spike Lee joint” in Brooklyn during October 2016. The casting call, posted to the Peabody Award winner’s Instagram, called for actors ranging from ages 18 to 80 of all nationalities.

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The film just celebrated its 31st-anniversary last year on August 8. Just a few weeks ago, Lee collaborated with the Jordan imprint to create a limited edition ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Air Jordan 1 Quickstrike sneaker design. The sneaker featured a tongue that read ‘1 of 3’ to represent Lee’s character, Mars Blackmon, acting as one of the trifectas of lovers belonging to Nola Darling. The sneaker also included the 40 Acres And A Mule imprint, along with a picture of Mars on the side of the shoe.

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Looks like there will be 10-episodes worthy of praise this year.