Student Caught Shoplifting From Walmart Told Cops She Was Researching Kleptomania

See what had happened was...

Lydia Marie Cormaney faces up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine when Wyoming police caught the 23-year-old lifting nearly $2,000 worth of stolen merchandise from a local Walmart. Yet when confronted by authorities, Cormaney said she wasn’t stealing per se, but instead conducting research on kleptomania.

Like, duh! C’mon how could the police not know this?

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The only problem with Cormaney’s spiel was records show she enrolled in one biology class at Gillette College and the summer semester began the day she was arrested.

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Cormaney eventually fessed up and told cops she got sticky fingers when she was forced to move into a new dorm room and her old roommate kept most of the household items. According to reports, Cormaney was released from prison last Thursday.