Swizz Beatz Singles Out Balenciaga For Jacking Ruff Ryders Logo Design

Swizz Beatz is not happy with French, high-fashion brand Balenciaga after the latest stunt it pulled during its menswear Spring/Summer 2018 runway show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday (June 21). According to the producer, the brand totally jacked the Ruff Ryders’ original 2000 logo design.

As unveiled on Instagram following the runway show, one male model appeared to be rocking a pair of slacks and a green, satin kimono-inspired jacket. Under the overcoat, was a button-down shirt with a print that looked pretty similar to the entertainment label’s logo. Swizz put both shirts side-by-side to give fans a better comparison, and in fact, the two looked almost identical. The only difference was that the Ruff Ryders name had been switched to Balenciaga’s.

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Surprisingly, Swizz didn’t seem too upset by the culture-jocking, but did demand to have a chat with Balenciaga. He also offered a solution that could benefit hip hop. “What are we doing??? Call me back blessings. I might just want you to open up a fashion school in the Bronx or Harlem Just so you can give back to the culture,” he captioned the collage. A fashion school might not be a bad idea. At least that way, the designs would be original.

Balenciaga has yet to comment on allegations, but it wouldn’t be the only high-fashion brand to supposedly steal an original design. Gucci was recently the center of controversy after many fans noticed similarities between one of the Italian label’s 2018 Cruise collection garments and Dapper Dan’s famed, fur coat made from Louis Vuitton bags. Following fan outrage, the brand said they were not trying to steal the design, but “pay homage” to the designer’s originality and vision.

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Furthermore, the fashion scene hasn’t been meshing well with hip hop artists altogether. Raury also found himself at odds with Dolce Gabbana after he staged a protest while walking a runway show. His silent protest was in opposition to the brand’s t-shirt, in which it mocked boycotting. Swizz and the rest of the Ruff Ryders may not be planning a protest, but let’s see if they address the issue of designers taking from hip hop at their recently announced reunion tour, coming this fall.