A Taíno Star-Crossed Love Story ‘Temple Of The Souls’ Is Coming To New York

It was announced on Friday (June 16) that Multistages has acquired the Taíno-inspired play, Temple Of The Souls. The play, set to debut the week of July 19 through July 23, is a time-traveling romance narrative that teleports its main characters to 16th-century Puerto Rico.

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Amid observing the El Yunque cave drawings of legendary lovers, a tourist couple is transported from their modern-day exploration of the grotto – thought to be inhabited by Taíno souls – back in time, as the depicted smitten couple of Guario and Amada. Guario is a “young Taíno runaway,” while Amada is the daughter of conquistador. The forbidden love of the two, a Shakespearean-related concept, is quoted to “change the face of Puerto Rico forever,” despite the bigoted world that engulfs their tumultuous love story.

Guario will be portrayed by the Caracas-born, Andres Quintero and Texas State University-bred, Noellia Hernandez will depict his lover, Amada. Other notable additions include, Danny Bolero, of Broadway In The Heights, as conquistador Don Severo and Lorraine Velez as the Taíno Nana. Velez has been in Rent and the revival of Dreamgirls.

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The 110-minute musical is written by the late, award-winning Anita Velez-Mitchell and composed by platinum-winning composers, Dean Landon and Anika Paris.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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