Tiger Woods’s Prescription Drug Addiction Lands Him In Rehab

On Memorial Day (May 29), Tiger Woods was arrested for a DUI. While most will assume a DUI is related to alcohol, Woods’s incident wasn’t. The Florida resident was found asleep in his Mercedes with the car still running and the brake lights on. ESPN reports that the professional golfer “failed multiple field-sobriety tests,” although he managed to blow a 0.00 breathalyzer upon being taken into custody. The 41-year-old athlete attested to the fact that his state, three weeks ago, was due to an “unexpected reaction to prescription medication.”

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Taking to Twitter Tuesday evening (June 19), the 41-year-old admitted he is “currently receiving professional help to manage [his] medications and the ways that [he] deals with back pain and sleep disorder.”

While ESPN reveals the pro-golfer was taking Xanax, a local outlet admits that inflammatory drugs, Toriz and Voixx were listed, along with painkiller, Vicodin. It was also revealed that Delray Medical Center’s pharmacy director advises patients on Vicodin not to drive since it inhibits reflexes and consciousness.

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The father of two underwent his fourth back surgery, the most recent was April 29 and according to his website, the athlete admitted that he hadn’t “felt this good in years.”

Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent confirms. “Tiger has been dealing with so much pain physically and that leads to insomnia and sleep issues. This has been going on for a long time.”

Steinberg continues to detail the PGA athlete’s back complications, “It’s such a complicated state, such a complicated situation. If you’re in that much pain for so many years. … Tiger has been trying to figure out how to live a life and actually have a life. He is where he is right now. I’m glad he is taking responsibility.” His agent also noted a never-ending cycle of having to “handle the pain” leading to a lack of sleep because of the pain.

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Tiger Woods’s court appearance is set for August 9. He may be able to qualify for first-time DUI offender list. Under this program, Woods would be granted 12 months of probation, the dismissal of his DUI charge and then pleading to a lesser charge of reckless driving.

“I want to thank everyone for the amazing outpouring of support and understanding especially the fans and players on tour,” concludes Woods on his Twitter decree.

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