Trevor Noah Traces Down The Origins Of Trump’s “Covfefe” Typo

Trevor Noah flipped the script on President Donald Trump’s latest blunder by turning “Covfefe” into a faux coming of a age saga.

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Late Thursday (June 1) The Daily Show host revealed the “trailer” for Covfefe: Based on a True Typo, a film that follows Covfefe (played by the comedian) who realizes he shares the name name as Trump’s Twitter typo. Sure it sounds a bit off, but Noah commitment to character warrants some chuckles. His willingness to swim everywhere takes him from the imaginative “Jambola,” Africa to America where he meets number 45. 

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Earlier, Noah made sure the question the coverage of the typo and not the president’s behavior during his recent trip to the Middle East. “As much as ‘covfefe’ was a gaffe, it must have been nice for the White House to have a Trump blunder that, for a change, didn’t threaten national security,” Noah said. “And more importantly, it provided welcome distraction from the fallout that came from his recent foreign trip.”

He also slammed Trump’s conservative pundit supporters and his press secretary Sean Spicer for covering up his behavior. “That gives Sean Spicer the confidence to go out there and say straight-faced that Donald Trump is now the patron saint of diplomacy?” Noah continued. “Well, it’s because he knows that a large part of the population—you may know them as Republicans—believe that Donald Trump is far more credible than most news outlets.”

Take a look at his parody of the mess above.

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