A Snapchat Of Trey Songz Saying “F**k The Police” Will Be Used In His Cop Assault Case

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During a pre-trial hearing Tuesday, (June 20) a Wayne County Circuit Court judge ruled a Snapchat video in which Trey Songz is recorded saying “f**k the police” can be admitted into evidence. The 32-year-old “Animal” singer is charged with one count of assaulting a police officer and one count of aggravated assault.

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In December 2016, footage captured Songz growing irate at the end of his performance inside Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena for “The Big Show At The Joe” concert, which also featured Chris Brown and Lil Yachty. According to reports, Songz taunted those who threatened to cut his mic off at 11:30PM.

“Go on and do it, cut me off,” followed by, “A n**** cut me off, I’m going the f*** crazy. You understand?” When Songz’ mic was turned off, the the Virginia native began throwing things and is alleged to have punched a cop.

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Authorities are said to have gone on stage to de-escalate the situation where Songz–who was still throwing things, one object which hit an audience attendee in the head–struck a cop with his fist causing a concussion.

Neverson was arrested but released the following day on $25,000 bond. The trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 12 at 9AM.