Venus Williams Reportedly Involved In Car Accident That Sent An Elderly Man To The Hospital


Venus Williams was reportedly involved in a car accident that sent a 78-year-old man to the hospital, where he died 14 days after the collision, TMZ reports.

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According to a police report obtained by the news site, the accident occurred on June 9. The victim, Jerome Barson, was in a car with his wife (who was driving) in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., when suddenly she approached an intersection, as Williams reportedly collided with their car in her SUV.

Williams allegedly told authorities she was trying to get through the intersection but had to drive slower due to the massive traffic ahead. The delay forced her to stay at the intersection. Barson’s wife said she did not have time to stop the car, and crashed into Williams’ vehicle.

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The police reports state that Williams is at fault for, “violating the right of way of [the other driver].” There’s no evidence of Williams being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, she was reportedly not using an electronic device either.