Wifisfuneral Discusses Being Jumped At XXXTentacion’s Concert

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Palm Beach MC Wifisfuneral made headlines this week after footage of him being attacked by concert goers after jumping into the crowd at XXXTentacion’s opening show of his Revenge Tour in Houston, TX made the rounds. The 20-year-old was subsequently taken to the hospital after the incident, where he was treated for minor injuries.

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The Black Heart Revenge rapper recently spoke about the attack, where he said that he attempted stage diving into the crowd four other times during the show before the incident occurred.

“First and foremost, I want to clarify that that wasn’t the first stage dive I actually did—that was probably like the fifth stage dive that I did,” he said. “The first stage dive that I did was during Kin$oul’s performance. And the crowd was f**kin’ with it. I stage dived two to three more times during Kid Trunks’ set, crowd was lit. They were asking me to come in the crowd. The fans weren’t malicious at all. The fans weren’t aiming to be like ‘You know what, we’re gonna set up this kid’ or ‘You know what, we’re gonna go to this Members Only show and just f**k up anyone we see.’ They were there purely to finally see all of us as a whole together and be like ‘Wow, I can finally say I saw all of Members Only together.’”

Wifi also noted that he noticed a few “really f**king mad” men in the crowd, and he believes that the attack was a set up of sorts.

“Supposedly some guy was telling the other two guys ‘Stand your position,’” he explained. “So I don’t know if it was a setup for me, or if it was a setup in general for anybody in Members Only for them to make an example, but at the end of the day I’m coolin’, bruh. They did all that sh*t, I was unconscious for a good ten seconds…”

Wifi said that the attackers “slit [his] head open a little bit,” and he had a few bruises, but he’s on the road the recovery and he’s going back on stage soon. He’ll also be gifting fans with a new mixtape called Boy Who Cried Wolf.

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“This sh*t not knocking me down in any form or way,” he said. “This sh*t is not gonna stop me from making money. So regardless of this happening or not, that’s nothing.”