Deadass: 10 Annoying Signs That Summer Has Started In New York City

There’s no better time to be in New York City than the summer. Sure, the blistering heat and borderline unbearable humidity can be brutal, but there is no place on earth like the Big Apple when the weather warms up.

Real New Yorkers know that energy during the summer months creates a magnetic vibe that only means unforgettable cook outs with friends and loved ones, trips to the beach and of course parties that go all night long. But along with the fun and games, there are also a whole lot of annoying factors about June, July, August and September in NYC.

To officially kick things off for summer ’17, here are 10 annoying signs that indicate the official change of season in the Rotten Apple.

1. When you run your fastest just to make the train and then realize you are in subway car with no AC.

2. You just spent an hour putting together the perfect summer time ‘fit, but you’re drenched in sweat by the time you get to the cook out.

3. Your friends get you all hyped to go to the “beach,” but when you get to Rockaway, your cool ass New York friends don’t even want to go into the water or get sandy.

4. All of a sudden, your coworkers have “train issues” everyday and are consistently “late” to work.

5. Speaking for all of my women friends, struggle dudes feel like they have the right to speak to our ladies in any which way they want.

6. When your AC breaks down, you have serious thoughts about moving out of New York City for good.

7. Cooking at home doesn’t seem like a real option anymore (cuz it’s hot af).

8. Cuffin’ season is officially over, and even us respectable gentleman start to act like savages

9. People want to have boozy brunches every damn Saturday and Sunday — sometimes we just need to sleep!