Young Thug Drops Brutal Trailer For Upcoming ‘E.B.B.T.G.’ Album

Young Thug recently dropped the trailer for his forthcoming studio album, Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls (E.B.B.T.G.), and it isn’t exactly promoting girl power or your typical standards of beauty. In fact, in the preview, girl-on-girl violence seems to be more of Thug’s style.

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In the 2-minute teaser, which features some new country-style music, a group of masked women in all black kidnap and brutally beat up another girl. After duct taping her to a chair in a room that somewhat resembles a little girl’s bedroom, they spell out the album’s title on her face. The video may be enough to hold fans over until the album’s release, but it doesn’t exactly shed light on what they could expect.

In addition to the trailer, Thugger also unveiled his album cover art, which depicts him sitting with a guitar in a room filled with mannequins and mutilated barbie dolls. This might also be an illusion, but it looks like Thug’s legs were Photoshopped out of the image.

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The “Harambe” artist has been pretty hushed about his upcoming project, but dished on Twitter in Apr. 2017, that this would be a “singing album,” that would be executive produced by Drake. Many fans also speculated that it would be a mix of both trap and country vocals. E.B.B.T.G will serve as a follow up to Thug’s 2016, Jeffery.

Only time will tell what fans will really get from this project. Young Thug’s Easy Breezy Thugger Girls comes out on June 16. In the meantime, watch the trailer above.


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