Rapper Z-Ro Says ‘All Eyez On Me’ Would’ve Been Better If 50 Cent Played Tupac

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The Benny Boom directed Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me has received less than stellar reviews from moviegoers and ‘Pac fans. After actress Jada Pinkett-Smith took to Twitter to fact check what was depicted of their relationship in the film, many have collectively shaken their heads at Boom’s cinematic debut. However, what has unanimously been praised is Demetrius Shipp Jr’s role as the late artist, but let Houston rapper Z-Ro tell it, 50 Cent could’ve done a better job.

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During a interview with DJ Smallz, Z-Ro provides the disclaimer that no one would be able to mimic Pac, and while Shipp was the spitting image of the “Dear Mama” rapper, according to him the energy was off.

“Well since I’m grown and I’m from that era I understood before I even watched this movie that there is nobody that could’ve played Tupac, to put you in a mind frame of that’s Tupac. He [Demetrius Shipp Jr] had the look. If the n***a had 50 Cent’s swag and Pac’s face. I won’t even lie I’ll even go as far to say if 50 would’ve shaved his sh*t, it would’ve been a little more believable to me.”

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Z-ro continued by saying no actor could encapsulate Pac’s aura, and fans need to accept it.

“Motherf**kers needed to stop looking at him and judging him for his, I’ll call it pac-ment. You’ve got to understand Pac was a motherf**ker that you cannot reincarnate. Can’t nobody play this n***a. Period, except Pac.”

Check out Z-Ro’s review of the film below.